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We are a family owned and operated company that has been providing the Melbourne area with reliable vehicle storage services since 1982. Our clients know that we can be trusted with their precious possessions, and we take pride in living up to each of our customer’s expectations.

A local family-owned business for over 30 years

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A reliable team to meet your needs

Our team members are all experienced and skilled in car storage services. Speak with us today and we will determine the best storage solution for your needs. We will pick-up your vehicle, store it safely and ensure it is well looked after. Call us to reserve a spot today. 

Security under the law

All vehicles left for care at the Melbourne Car Kennel come under the provisions of the Warehouseman’s Liens Act 1958 and are subject to the Trade Practices Act. Furthermore, all vehicles are covered by insurance. You will have nothing to worry about whilst you are away.
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Service a variety of customers in the area

When it comes to vehicle storage, many large scale companies in the area come to us. These businesses include furniture storage companies, relocation agents and others. Many individuals and companies can benefit from our specialised car storage services, and our friendly experts would love to help. 

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Protect your vehicle from weather damage, vandalism, theft and more with our secure storage services. Give us a call to store your vehicle today. 
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